Published 08:20 AM, March 09, 2016
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Who's using the Internet in the PH? Here's a snapshot of statistics and insights.

Median ages is 24

The median age is 24 - the millennials who grew up as digital natives1

Staying connected with their communities

Filipinos thrive on staying connected with their communities

realt-time information to make the right choices

We need real-time information to make the right choices, especially during times of crisis

mobile internet penteration rate

The mobile Internet penetration rate is growing at a rate of 1.5x (or 30 million users) every year2

calendar 2016

We consume about 150k terabytes of data annually2

millenials on phone

From a total population of 101 million:3


are prepaid


have a mobile broadband subscription


have a broadband subscription


are subscribed to the lowest speed tier plans (1-3Mbps)

Time Spent Online3



On Mobile



On Desktop

And Tablet

Top Online Activities*4






*As ranked by priority by survey respondents. Percentages are based vs. total population

There are now 47 million active Facebook accounts in the PH.5

The PH is the fastest growing app market in Southeast Asia.6

E-commerce is gaining ground:
5 in 10 have recently bought something through their phone (games, music, apps, services, and physical items)7

Media streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify and HOOQ are also fast gaining popularity8

Filipinos are starting to open up to a sharing economy, fueled by platform-powered services such as Uber, Grab, and AirBnB

Currently, we have one of the highest digital populations in the world. The Internet audience's growth rate shows no signs of slowing down either.

Internet Growth In The PH:9

Behind the Numbers

  • For Filipinos, staying connected is a fundamental need

  • Information empowers the nation in many ways

Information and communications technology (ICT) plays a crucial role towards our nation's development. In the next decade, our country's biggest challenges - education, better transportation, and basic services - can all be solved by Internet access and big data. At the forefront of innovation are mobile solutions, coming primarily from the country's thriving startup market.

The Philippines [is] a great launchpad for start-ups to expand to international markets. Kickstart Ventures capitalizes on this, as well as its relationship with Globe Telecom, the Singtel group, and Ayala Corporation to attract talent, stimulate commercial deals, and create innovation opportunities that have the potential to scale.10

Minette Navarette

Kickstart Venture's President and Founder

Building a better nation through ICT


The Internet plays a major role in the lives of the youth. Learning institutions can motivate students with the use of ICT tools to make learning more relatable, enjoyable, and sustainable.


The rise of TV streaming, along with apps now providing over 10,000 movies and TV series at our fingertips, have truly shaped the way Filipinos consume entertainment.


Technology leverages on the talent cloud. With apps like Kalibrr, companies in the Philippines get to improve workforce quality, employee productivity, and company profitability.

Skills Training

Programs like Bagosphere believe that every youth, wherever they come from, should be employed in decent work: work that is constructive to their development, social integration and offers a fair income to break out of subsistence.


For solutions such as Globe MyBusiness, technology and communications play big role in our day-to-day business operations and overall success.

Financial Literacy

There is now more focus on the FinTech industry. Mynt, for example, is pioneering initiatives of providing financial services that previously were not available to most Filipinos.

In the digital age, information is power. The Internet is the great equalizer for those who are seeking to broaden their communities and improve their lives.

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Better Connections for all

Globe believes that despite challenges one may face, there are still so many wonderful things that Filipinos can explore and discover. Globe would be with them in every moment of their journey.

As Internet consumption continues to increase at an exponential rate, Globe is investing in its network ahead of the trend to provide the capacity and the speed that will enable subscribers to continue enjoying what they love doing online.

In 2015, Globe invested $850 million to continually expand their capacity and upgrade their network. They are building around 5,000 3G/LTE sites in the next two years, plus expanding fiber coverage key cities in the coming months.

Beyond investing in robust infrastructure, Globe is also the purveyor of the Filipino digital lifestyle.

By forging exclusive partnerships and bringing in deals from global brands such as Facebook, Disney Entertainment, and Spotify, Globe opens up a world of wonderful possibilities to its millions of subscribers.

“The millennial generation grew up with terms like 'Googling’ and ‘Liking,’” says Ernest Cu, CEO/President of Globe Telecom. “They are digital natives who can't live without the Internet. They consider their lives to be always online.”

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Editor's note: The data presented in this report is from 2016.

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