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Interns: Ken Leonardo and Frances Roberto

Three years of the Duterte presidency have come and gone and one thing is certain: Rodrigo Duterte is the country's most foul-mouthed chief executive so far. His expletive-peppered tirades are an almost daily reality. Once on a roll, he won't press the breaks for anyone, not even God. Insults are part of Duterte's performative style of governance, and even his diplomacy.

Rappler has counted 118 distinct insults uttered by the President as of June 21, 2019, a few days before he reaches the halfway mark of his presidency.

Some major insults made during his campaign are also included. Here, we define insults as ad hominem attacks or curse-laden remarks meant to offend. Criticisms of persons or entities are not included. This list will be updated every year under the administration. Click on the categories to filter insults directed at Filipinos, foreigners, government officials, world leaders, individuals, groups/institutions, men, women, and the media.